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Mustapha Alloush announces the end of the French initiative and attacks civil society movements

The vice president of Courant Moustapha Alloush strongly attacked groups from civil society who met French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves le Drian during his visit...

Towards a conference of Lebanese leaders in Paris to resolve the political crisis?

Several months after the visit of the President of the French Republic to Lebanon where he met the Lebanese political leaders, a new meeting...
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Jean Yves le Drian meets at the last minute with Saad Hariri

For a long time uncertain, the Le Drian-Hariri meeting finally took place at the Palais des Pins, residence of the French Ambassador to Lebanon...
The German Port of Beirut Project

The port of Beirut more than ever at the center of envy, between real...

We now hear a lot of talk about different plans to rebuild the area devastated by the Port of Beirut and the surrounding neighborhoods...

Government: Towards a way out of the impasse?

From a media source, it is indicated that the file of the formation of the next government could be unblocked with the forthcoming visit...

Lebanon / Government: France raises the tone, it is time to step up the...

The French authorities raised the tone after more than 7 months after Prime Minister designate Saad Hariri was appointed to form a new government...