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The European Commission in Brussels. Image by Jai79 on Pixabay

Carrot and stick now for Lebanon (European Union)

Expressing its dissatisfaction with the current stalemate in Lebanon, the European Union could decide to change its policy vis-à-vis the Land of the Cedars,...

51 Syrian migrants on their way to Cyprus intercepted by the Lebanese army

The Lebanese Army indicates that on Saturday it intercepted 51 Syrian refugees, including 39 men, 5 women and 7 minors, who were trying to...

France threatens again to sanction Lebanese leaders

French diplomatic sources indicate that a list of Lebanese personalities accused of blocking the formation of the next government could soon be published. These...

Launching of the “Technical Assistance Facility for the Lebanese Private Sector” programme

The “Technical Assistance Facility for the Lebanese Private Sector” (EU-TAF) programme, funded by the European Union and implemented by DAI/ Hulla & Co Human...

Lebanon / Government: France raises the tone, it is time to step up the...

The French authorities raised the tone after more than 7 months after Prime Minister designate Saad Hariri was appointed to form a new government...

Lebanon/Cyprus: 3 smugglers arrested by Security Forces

Two Lebanese nationals and one Syrian national were arrested in northern Lebanon. They are accused of being involved in human trafficking for the island...