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A tanker in the sea

80,000 tonnes of fuel unloaded to hold out until August 5

80,000 tonnes of fuel oil were unloaded in favor of power generation plants, bakeries or even hospital generators, we learned from a media source,...

Lebanon: After gasoline, medicines and electricity, water supply, the next victim of the crisis

The water supply sector could in turn collapse within a month, said UNICEF in a new report released on Friday. This could endanger 4...

New fuel price hike this Friday

The price of fuel rose again this week. The price of a 20-liter gallon of SP95 is now 75,900 LL, an increase of 2,600...

Manufacturers authorized to directly import fuel oil and petroleum derivatives

Lebanese industrialists will be allowed to directly import fuel oil and other petroleum derivatives due to current shortages in the local market. This decision...

Crise: Des routes coupées à Saïda

La circulation de la ville de Saïda au Sud du Liban est actuellement perturbée par des manifestations, notamment au niveau de la place Nejmé,...
A petrol station

The price of fuel still on the rise

For the 3rd consecutive week, the price of fuels is rising sharply, indicates the new grid published this morning by the Ministry of Energy...

Crise: Plusieurs routes coupées au Nord et au Sud du Liban

Plusieurs manifestations ont coupé les routes au nord et au sud du Liban, indique l'Agence Nationale d'Information (ANI) en raison de la dégradation des...

Le syndicat des pompistes annonce une amélioration de la situation

Le syndicat des pompistes annonce par un communiqué une amélioration de la situation au niveau des stations essence après la livraison du carburant promis...

Postponement of vaccinations scheduled for Saturday “due to Internet and electricity blackouts”

The Lebanese authorities announce that the appointments and the Pfizer and AstraZeneca marathon which were to continue tomorrow will be postponed until next week,...
The Presidential Palace of Baabda. Photo Source: Facebook

Baabda Presidential Palace also subject to power cuts

In a statement, the Presidential Palace of Baabda reacted to rumors of pressure on the autonomous office of Litani to obtain 24-hour power. The...
The Deir el Ammar power station in North Lebanon. Photo credit: François el Bacha for Libnanews.com. All rights reserved.

Deir el Ammar and Zahrani power stations shut down due to lack of fuel

The Deir el Ammar and Zahrani electricity production plants are in technical shutdown for lack of fuel. Electricité du Liban indicates that it has...

Tire generators cut off for 5 hours per day

In agreement with the municipality of Tire, the owners of the generators of the municipality have indicated that they have to turn off their...

70% of petrol stations are scheduled to open on Monday

70% of gas stations should be open on Monday to motorists while a cargo of gasoline should arrive in Lebanon in the coming days...

Association of Banks in Lebanon warns against the use of mandatory currency reserves

The Association of Banks in Lebanon warned against the use by the Bank of Lebanon of its mandatory reserves to continue to finance the...