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North Lebanon: New fuel seizure for Syria

The Internal Security Forces indicate that a new fuel seizure has taken place as part of the fight against smuggling to Syria. Two trucks...
The city of Tripoli. Photo credit: François el Bacha, for libnanews.com. All rights reserved.

Lebanon / Crisis: One dead and 2 injured during a distribution of food rations

One person died and 2 people injured in a shooting that broke out in the al-Khnaq neighborhood in Tripoli in northern Lebanon during a...

Suzanne al Hajj convicted of “fabricating spy case” and acquitted for fabricating false evidence

The Military Court of Cassation convicted Suzanne al-Hajj for concealing information in the Ziad Itani case, sentencing her to 2 months in prison and...

Lebanon / Coronavirus: 30 dead and 2,388 cases on Easter Sunday

Lebanon still deplores 30 deaths following complications induced by the COVID19 coronavirus and 2,388 cases as the country of cedars celebrated Easter Sunday, marked...

Lebanon/Cyprus: 3 smugglers arrested by Security Forces

Two Lebanese nationals and one Syrian national were arrested in northern Lebanon. They are accused of being involved in human trafficking for the island...