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Port of Beirut: Authorities call on owners of dangerous goods to checkout

The financial prosecutor, Judge Ali Ibrahim, called on the owners of the 49 containers containing hazardous materials, stored, sometimes for several years, within the...

Judge Ghada Aoun searches a cash transport company

Judge Ghada Aoun raided the headquarters of the Prosec Fund transport company on Wednesday afternoon, accusing her of not having sent her the documents...
The headquarters of the Association of Banks of Lebanon after the explosion of the Port of Beirut. Photo Credit: Libnanews.com

Association of Banks in Lebanon denounces judicial decisions targeting its members

The Association of Banks in Lebanon issued a press release on Tuesday denouncing the decisions to freeze the assets of some of its members...

Two complaints filed against Riad Salamé in France (Le Monde)

Two complaints for alleged acts of money laundering and fraud were lodged by associations against the governor of the Banque du Liban, indicates the...
The headquarters of the Association of Banks in Lebanon (ABL). Photo Credit: NNA.

Judge freezes assets of Lebanese banks and their executives

Judge Amani Salamé decided to freeze the assets of banks and their leaders, following a complaint filed by a civil society collective entitled "The...

Former prime ministers denounce “a deliberate policy aimed at destroying the structures of the...

Speaking at the end of a meeting held via Zoom, the 3 former prime ministers Nagib Mikati, Fouad Siniora and Tamam Salam addressed the...

What to think of the Ghada Aoun affair?

The banking party and its judicial relays facing the prosecutor of Mount Lebanon On social networks, attacks against Ghada Aoun often fly very low. People...
The Palace of Justice in the city of Beirut.

Incident before the Beirut Court between supporters of Ghassan Oweidat and Ghada Aoun

Incidents have pitted supporters of the public prosecutor, Judge Ghassan Oweidat, with members of the Free Patriotic Movement who came to support the prosecutor...
Riad Salameh, governor of Lebanon's central bank, speaks to the Financial Times in his office in Beirut, Lebanon, on October 30, 2017. [Sam Tarling for the Financial Times]

4 foreign banks cut ties with Banque du Liban as Riad Salamé tries to...

The governor of the Bank of Lebanon Riad Salamé would have informed the public prosecutor, Judge Ghassan Oweidat, of the closure of the accounts...