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The European Commission in Brussels. Image by Jai79 on Pixabay

France and the European Union plan to sanction Lebanese politicians

France and the European Union would work to put in place sanctions including freezes of financial assets and travel bans against political figures to...

Lebanon / Crisis: Inflation of 4.59% during the month of January

The inflation rate reached 4.59% at least in January, the central statistics department said. This increase has been uneven, with inflation of only 2.75%...

General Aoun, time to take exceptional action in exceptional circumstances

Mr. President of the Republic, Your Excellency, General Michel Aoun, Faced with the current crisis in Lebanon, exceptional measures must be taken. In 2017,...

Lebanon: Economic reforms in the pipeline for a long time and what about political...

While Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri presented his economic program, it appears that the protests are continuing. And for good reason, many questions and...

Lebanon / Coronavirus: 33 deaths and 3,120 cases this Wednesday

Lebanon deplores 33 deaths this Wednesday, April 7, following complications induced by covid19. 3,120 cases have also been diagnosed in the past 24 hours....

$ 6 billion illegally transferred out of Lebanon (Foreign Policy)

Foreign Policy magazine says $ 6 billion has been illegally transferred out of Lebanon in recent months , following pressure from politicians on local...

Former Defense Minister Sends “Important” Documents to Judge Tarek Bitar

Former Minister of Defense Yacoub Sarraf, in place in the government of Mr. Saad Hariri after the election of General Michel Aoun to the...

North Lebanon: Protesters intercept fuel destined for Syria

Demonstrators intercepted 4 tank trucks disguised as refrigerated trucks at the locality of Al Muhammarah on the axis leading to Syria, indicates a dispatch...
Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri following parliamentary consultations on October 23, 2020. Photo credit: Lebanese Parliament

Saad Hariri refuses to see Gébran Bassil (Source)

Cold shower this evening concerning the file relating to the formation of the next government, with the words of a person close to Prime...

Coronavirus: HRW accuses Lebanon of neglecting vaccination of refugees

A report published by Human Rights Watch accuses the Lebanese authorities of neglect on the issue of immunization of the most vulnerable people such...

Destruction of wheat silos in the port of Beirut recommended

Swiss experts from Amann Engineering GmbH recommended the controlled destruction of the corn silos in the port of Beirut, largely damaged by the explosion...

Lebanon / Coronavirus: 34 dead and 1,001 cases on Monday

Lebanon deplores the death of 34 people following complications induced by the COVID19 coronavirus in the past 24 hours. 1001 people were also diagnosed...

Government: Towards a way out of the impasse?

From a media source, it is indicated that the file of the formation of the next government could be unblocked with the forthcoming visit...
Map of the area claimed by Lebanon and Israel. Photo credit: François el Bacha for Libnanews.com. All rights reserved.

Gas in area claimed by Lebanon and Israel, as negotiations set to resume

The MTV Lebanon television channel indicates that the potential presence of a large gas field in Block 9 could lead to the imminent reopening...