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The R Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , is an Islamic monarchy ruled by the Saoud family since its creation in 1932 by Ibn Séoud .
Populated by 31 million inhabitants, occupying 80% of the Arabian Peninsula, it is the largest country in the Middle East with an area of over two million square kilometers.

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is an absolute Islamic monarchy, controlled by the Saoud and Wahhab families – giving the name to the so-called Wahhabist ideology – and which are linked by marriage.

Saudi Arabia is one of the regional powers in the Middle East and is found to be confronted in its leadership by Iran.

Consequently, it has gathered around it most of the Sunni-majority Arab countries in an alliance against Iran, where Shiism dominates, and its allies.

The Kingdom benefits from considerable financial income which it derives from its wealth in oil, of which it is the world’s leading exporter, and in natural gas.

Saudi law is officially based on Sharia law.

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