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Lebanon / Coronavirus: towards a vaccination campaign during the summer when 29 people have...

The Lebanese authorities indicate deploring 29 deaths following complications induced by COVID19 and 642 new cases in the last 24 hours, figures to be...

Lebanon / Coronavirus: Postponement of the 2nd dose to 6 weeks

The outgoing Ministry of Health Hamad Hassan said it had decided to postpone it to 6 weeks after the first injection of the 2nd...

Lebanon / Coronavirus: start of vaccination with Sputnik

After the arrival of the first doses of vaccines last week, the Russian Sputnik vaccine began to roll out in Lebanon, with the vaccination...

Lebanon / Coronavirus: 48 dead and 2,688 cases as Sputnik vaccination campaign begins

300 Middle East Airlines (MEA) employees were therefore vaccinated, benefiting from the Russian Sputnik vaccine, in the presence of outgoing ministers of health, Hamad...

Lebanon/Coronavirus: 3 days of containment on the occasion of Easter and Eid el Fitr

The Lebanese authorities have decided to extend for their additional 6 months, general mobilization measures in the face of the COVID19 epidemic in Lebanon....

Lebanon/Coronavirus: First batches of Sputnik vaccine arrive

More than 50,000 doses of the Russian Sputnik vaccine reached Lebanon around midnight. This order was made by the private sector after the Ministry...