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La majorité des pays occidentaux déconseillent à leurs ressortissants de venir au Liban (Pierre Ashkar)

Le président de la Fédération des syndicats du tourisme, Pierre Al-Ashkar, a déploré que la majorité des pays occidentaux déconseillent à leurs ressortissants de...

Lebanon / Tourism: the beaches of Batroun

With 10,000 inhabitants, the city of Batroun was founded in the 3rd century BC. It is known today for its beaches and its rather...

Lebanon / Heritage: the Taanayel Farms in the Békaa

Rock and agricultural break, at the Taanayel farms in the Bekaa, founded in 1863 by the Jesuit congregation following the institution's compensation for the...

The Shrine of the Virgin of Harissa (with video)

This well-known shrine in Lebanon was born from the idea in 1904 of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Immaculate Conception, proclaimed...

Where to go to the beach in Lebanon in 2021!

While the economic crisis is raging and the Lebanese are still finding significant difficulties in disposing of their bank deposits, especially abroad following the...

Lebanon / Heritage: The Roman temples of Ein Ankrine in the North

The complex of Roman temples in the locality of Ein Ankrine is located in the caza of Koura in North Lebanon, just above Amioun...

Lebanon / Heritage: Cedars under the snow

After visiting the Jaj cedars or from Barouk , we therefore go to the most mythical forest in Lebanon, or the Cedars of God...

Lebanon / Heritage: the old city of Tire in South Lebanon

Tire, one of the premier cities in the region, was founded in the 3rd millennium BC. It will shine so much in History through...

Between history and legend: the port of Tire in southern Lebanon

We take you to the port of Tire, also known locally as Sour, a town located just 70 km from Beirut. Built on the...

Lebanon / Heritage: the vineyard and cellars of Château Kefraya

After the Taanayel farms and the Ammiq swamps, this Saturday we invite you to go, still in the West Békaa, in the vineyards and...

Lebanon/Heritage: The National Museum of Beirut

The main museum in Lebanon, the National Museum's primary mission is to bring together archaeological artifacts discovered in the territory of the Land of...
La grotte de Jeita

Liban/Coronavirus: La grotte de Jeita réouverte au public

La Grotte de Jeita sera réouverte au public à partir du 20 octobre, annonce son exploitant. Elle était précédemment fermée en raison des mesures...

Liban: 48.3% de touristes en moins au premier semestre

Le nombre de touristes a diminué de 48.3% au cours du premier semestre 2020, indique le Ministère du Tourisme. Seuls 194 395 touristes se...

En temps de crise

Je suis guide touristique et confinée dans mon village natal à Khenchara. Un des plus beaux villages au Liban selon la pancarte fixée à...