The city of Khiam seen from Marjayoun. Photo credit: François el Bacha for
La ville de Khiam vue depuis Marjayoun. Crédit Photo: François el Bacha pour

An Israeli tank fired warning shots at a rally in southern Lebanon. This demonstration aims to denounce Israeli acts against the Gaza Strip and comes at a time when the situation at the level of the blue line has already been made tense by an attempt to fire rockets by Palestinian militants yesterday against northern Israel and by the destruction of a vehicle following an Israeli bombardment near the Syrian-Lebanese border.

In Israel, the IDF calls on people whose homes are near the blue line to shut up at home.

Demonstrations are also taking place in the Palestinian camps of Ein Helweh and in the camp of Wadi al Zina after the prayer on Friday.

These incidents come the day after an attempted rocket fire by a group of Palestinians from southern Lebanon into northern Israel. These people, based in the Palestinian camp of Rachidiyeh south of Tire, were quickly arrested by the Internal Security Forces.

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