A suspected Hezbllah executive Ali Chebli was assassinated at a wedding in the town of Jiyeh in southern Lebanon. The latter was allegedly involved in the death of Hassan Zaher Ghosn, 14, a member of an Arab tribe residing in the town of Khaldeh in an incident last year.

As a reminder, incidents had opposed the Sunni clan of the Ghosn family to Shiites and in particular members of Hezbollah during the commemoration of the Ashoura, on August 27, 2020 after Sheikh Omar Ghosn had torn banners from Iman Hussein. These incidents then quickly degenerated into shootings and even RPG shootings and a shopping center belonging to Ali Chebli burned down. That same night, Ali Chebli’s home was also targeted by a rocket. For its part, the Shiite movement had denied having participated in these incidents.
Some security sources also accused Sheikh Omar Ghosn, a Salafi religious leader at the time, of having tried to take over from Sheikh Ahmad Assir. He was also allegedly involved in transfers of combatants to Syria and was also involved in a suicide bombing attack targeting the southern suburbs of Beirut in 2014, leading to a brief imprisonment and then threatening to take up arms against Hezbollah.

This Sunday, the Lebanese army reinforced its device around the locality of Khaldeh to avoid any new incident while the Ghosn family threatens anyone involved in the death of Hassan Ghosn if the Lebanese justice does not act to identify them and them. punish and indicate handing over the person behind the shootings, who would have been identified as Ahmed Zaher Ghosn, Hassan Ghosn’s brother, to the competent judicial authorities.

The Ghosn family and the rest of the Arab clans, remain stunned and reject what happened, but they see that what happened to the so-called Ali Shibli at the hands of the brother of the martyr Hassan Ghosn could have been avoided, if l he de facto authority which protected him had handed him over to the competent justice before there was any reprisals against him (…) The Ghosn family places their son in the custody of the security services, satisfied and satisfied rule of law
Hassan Ghosn’s mother

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