The Commander of the Lebanese Army, General Joseph Aoun. Photo Credit:

Speaking on the eve of the 76th Lebanese Army Day, General Joseph Aoun praised the role of the military institution despite the difficulties Lebanon is currently facing.

The message sent by the commander of the Lebanese Army

August 1 of this year arrives and Lebanon is on the threshold of the first anniversary of the disturbing port explosion, which touched the heart of the capital and left 206 dead, in conjunction with the most powerful economic and financial crisis in our country. modern history, in the midst of the continuing outbreak of the COVID epidemic.

Despite the successive crises that are worsening day by day, attention is focused on the military institution, which remains at the center of the hopes of the Lebanese people, after having proven that it is the united national institution. It has won the trust of the people and countries of the world, thanks to your performance which you have shown in all circumstances, the professionalism in the accomplishment of your various tasks and its ramifications, as well as your rapid follow-up for any emergency, your adoption of the highest standards of transparency in the handling of cases of a humanitarian and security nature, and your necessary and urgent response which ensures the sustainability of a number of vital sectors.

Do not allow anyone to take advantage of poor living conditions to question your faith in your country and your institution.

Lebanon is a trust with you. It is in no way allowed to plunge the country into chaos and destabilize its security and stability.

Future challenges will present themselves to us. Be prepared to face them with wisdom, patience, and deliberation.

Do not allow conflicts to seep into our homeland and do not allow fishermen in troubled waters to achieve their goals.

Live up to the aspirations of our people and the aspirations of the international community, which regards you with respect and appreciation and asks for your support.

In the midst of these exceptional missions, our eyes remain on the border to confront the danger of the Israeli enemy, who has recently accelerated the pace of his threats against Lebanon, threatened to start a new war and strike the formula of coexistence. just like terrorism, which waits for opportunities to reappear.

Be vigilant to face these challenges, in addition to the fight against drugs, smuggling and illegal immigration.

On this occasion, we remember the righteous martyrs and pay homage to their martyrs who protected Lebanon and its people.

The army will remain the safety valve of our homeland and the backbone on which the state rests.

We will remain true to our oath, no matter how severe the difficulties and tribulations, and the challenges weigh on our shoulders. Don’t worry about accusations or rumors.

Our concern was and will remain our military personnel and their families. Our priority was and will remain to protect and strengthen the military institution.

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