the European Union reiterated its threat of sanctions vis-à-vis politicians at the end of July, in accordance with the mechanism decided by Brussels.

According to the French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves le Drian, a consensus of the countries belonging to the European Union would have been concluded on this subject. He also estimated that Lebanon “has been in a mode of self-destruction” for several months and that it is an absolute emergency for the population.

Faced with this emergency, it is necessary to form a government, judges the minister, to implement the necessary reforms in order to revive the local economy.

Sanctions could range from a travel ban on politically exposed persons including their families and targeted at individuals who corrupt, embezzle or launder funds, undermine efforts to form a government, or have committed certain human rights violations. Man.

France has been on the side of the Lebanese and Lebanon since the first day of the explosion in the port, President Macron intervened directly and launched an initiative for Lebanon, and French army teams intervened and brought health and humanitarian aid to people affected by this explosion.

Franck Riester, July 13, 2021 from the port of Beirut

In addition, while traveling to Lebanon, the French Minister of Commerce, Franck Riester underlined that France has already provided 85 million euros of aid for the area of the port of Beirut in 2020 in the form of aid for several sectors of ‘activity.

In addition, Paris would work on several studies to ensure a return to life in the port of Beirut as soon as possible. On this subject, “ France respects its commitments, unlike the Lebanese authority, who have not committed to reforms “.

He was referring to the Lebanese leaders who had committed to forming a government within 4 weeks during the visit of the President of the French Republic to Lebanon on September 1, 2020 on the occasion of the centenary of the proclamation of the State. of Greater Lebanon.

During this trip, the French president called for, in addition to a new government to implement the reforms deemed necessary for the release of international aid, an audit of the accounts of the Bank of Lebanon, until accusing the monetary authorities of have set up a real scheme of so-called Ponzi schemes.

It cannot continue like this in Lebanon, and sanctions will be imposed on those officials who hamper the formation of the government, and our message today is to confirm our support for the Lebanese and to remind those responsible for the promises they made. .

Franck Riester, July 13, 2021 from the port of Beirut

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