The fires continue in the province of Akkar in northern Lebanon for the 3rd consecutive day while La Défense Civile, despite the resources involved, seems not to be able to put an end to the disaster.

If no deaths are to be deplored in the past 48 hours, some people have had to evacuate their homes threatened by flames. Others were severely intoxicated by the smoke. A firefighter had to be hospitalized.

As a reminder, a 14-year-old young man died on the first day of the fires, while trying to defend his house from the flames.

New fires broke out in the region, particularly in Rahba and Al-Qobayat. The fire would be out of control at the level of Jabal Akroum, specified the outgoing minister of agriculture Abbas Mortada, in a region difficult to access.

On the Syrian side, the fires from Lebanon have been brought under control. Syrian helicopters also intervened on the Lebanese side to help the local Civil Defense units reinforced by means from Beirut, Metn, Kesrouan and Békaa.

The Lebanese authorities are trying to obtain foreign aid to control the situation. After Syria, it would in particular be a question of obtaining aid from Jordan or Cyprus, or even Greece.

In addition, somewhat less intense fires broke out overnight in other Lebanese regions, particularly in the Chouf.

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