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The fuels destined for the black market and smuggled and seized by the Internal Security Forces will again be available to the population, indicate the Lebanese authorities.

A meeting thus took place at the Grand Serail in the presence of outgoing Prime Minister Hassan Diab and various local officials to discuss the measures in place to combat the black market in fuels.

At the charge of the public prosecutor, Judge Ghassan Oweidat, to put in place means to fight against illegal warehouses or sellers selling goods above the official price. These places will henceforth be automatically placed under sequestration.

As for the goods seized, they will be resold to the public by the Police in the amount of 20 liters per person according to the official price.

For fuel oil, quantities of less than 50,000 liters will be intended for hospitals and district generators in the presence of a municipal official from the place of seizure. Above 50 tonnes, it will be intended for gasoline. Gasoline is sold to the public by a member of the judicial police at a rate of at most twenty liters per person according to the official price. As for diesel, it is sold to hospitals and owners of private generators in the presence of an employee of the municipality, where the quantity has been seized, and if the quantity of diesel exceeds fifty thousand liters, it must be handed over to the Directorate. General of Petroleum.

These measures aim to increase the quantity of fuel available locally and also to solve the problem caused by the absence of fuel oil for generators, particularly in public and private hospitals, which are very dependent on electricity for the operation of their equipment.

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