The Palace of Justice in the city of Beirut.
The Palace of Justice in the city of Beirut.

General strike day in Lebanon this Wednesday, with rallies and social movements in different Lebanese. The objective of this day is to protest against the degradation of social and economic conditions in a country affected by the crisis.

Various movements thus took place at the start of the morning, with the participation of the Bar Association, the education sector and public transport.

Union officials have therefore called for the immediate formation of a new government that will also reject any support program funded by depositors’ money. They also denounced the upcoming lifting of the subsidy program and the effects that would follow, in particular the increase in the prices of fuel, drugs and food products.

This strike also affected the judicial sector, with the suspension for 3 days of the work of the local justice with a strike of the clerks except in urgent cases or the public hospital sector with a strike at the Governmental Hospital of Bouar where the staff accused the authorities to wish to adopt a bill allowing the dismissal of a certain number of them.

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