The now ex-prime minister designate Saad Hariri revealed yesterday, in an interview broadcast by the Al Jadeed television channel, the composition of the government he had proposed to the head of state. As a reminder, after he suggested certain amendments, Saad Hariri announced the withdrawal of his candidacy.

Thus according to the proposed list, his government would have been composed by

  1. Saad Hariri, Sunni, Prime Minister
  2. Walid Abboud, Sunni, Minister of the Interior and Municipalities
  3. Firas Abiad, Sunni, Minister of Health
  4. Loubna Mesqawi, Sunni, Minister of the Environment
  5. Nasser Yassine, Sunni, Minister
  6. Youssef Khalil, Shiite, Minister of Finance
  7. Ibrahim Shahrour, Shiite, Minister of Public Works and Transport
  8. Maya Kanaan, Shiite, Minister of Labor
  9. Nasreddine, Shiite, Minister of Administrative Development
  10. Jihad Mourtada, Shiite, Minister of Culture
  11. Abbas Halabi, Druze, Minister of Education and Higher Education
  12. Fouad Hassan, Druze, Minister for the Displaced
  13. Fadia Kiwan, Maronite, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  14. Firas Abi Nassif, Maronite, Minister of Telecommunications
  15. Lara Hanna, Maronite, Minister of Agriculture
  16. Salim Hani, Maronte, Minister of Social Affairs
  17. Joe Saddi, Greek Orthodox, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers
  18. Antoine Chedid, Greek Orthodox, Minister of Defense
  19. Al Shami, Greek-Orthoxode, Minister of Economy
  20. Carole Ayat, Catholic, Minister of Energy
  21. Fadi Samaha, Catholic, Minister of Industry
  22. Karapet Salikhanian, Armenian, Minister of Youth and Sport
  23. Jo Mila, minority, Minister of Information.

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