Demonstrators took to the Ministry of Social Affairs to protest against the deterioration of current social and economic conditions and demand the implementation of the ration card for the most vulnerable people in the face of the economic crisis.

They consider this card to be a card for electoral purposes, wishing to challenge Minister Hector Hajjar on this subject.

The launch of this program would be blocked by the absence of a meeting of the Council of Ministers, despite a further deterioration of the parity between the Lebanese pound and the dollar and the crossing of the symbolic threshold of 23,000 LL / USD, estimates the parliament.

On the government side, we are reviewing the ball in Parliament, considering that the launch remains dependent on a modification of the legislation relating to the aid program in accordance with the conditions of the World Bank. Once these amendments have been obtained, the program can then be launched within 3 days, it even specifies.

Other sources indicate that the assistance of the Bank of Lebanon would thus be blocked by the will of the Bank of Lebanon to distribute this assistance at the rate of 6,240 LL / USD to its beneficiaries. The World Bank would thus require legislative guarantees that this aid be distributed at the real rate of the Lebanese pound against the dollar, i.e. at the black market rate or even directly in foreign currencies, recalling that part of the aid previous Syrian and Palestinian refugees would have been almost diverted by the financial sector through parity games.

For the international community, assistance to 160,000 families considered the most vulnerable should be immediate. Some countries are wondering about the will of local authorities not to come to their aid already, whereas in total, 500,000 families should benefit from it in the long term.

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