The compulsory parliamentary consultations led by the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, are continuing with several independent deputies who have confirmed their support for former Prime Minister Najib Mikati.

He would have assured the adviser to the President of the Republic Salim Jreissati that the standards for forming a new government will be respected during his meeting with the head of state at around 10:30 am.

He was followed by the unsuccessful former candidate for a 4th government, Saad Hariri, who noted that he appointed Najib Mikati “according to the constitutional principles decided at the meeting of the house of the center yesterday, alluding to the meeting of the 4 former first ministers at his home. He said he hoped a government would be formed as soon as possible.

Tamam Salam then went to Baabda Palace to also express his choice in favor of Najib Mikati. He hopes to see a solution to the current crisis in Lebanon and the establishment of a government of specialists as soon as possible to face the current collapse.

The vice-president of the chamber Elie Ferzli also spoke in favor of the former minister Najib Mikati.

On the parliamentary bloc side, the Current of the Future spoke in favor of former Prime Minister Najib Mikati, via parliamentarian Samir Jisr.

For the Hezbollah bloc, Mohammed Raad nominated Najib Mikati, “to reflect the seriousness about the priority of forming a government and facilitating the formation of the next cabinet.” Hezbollah was joined by MP Tony Franjieh and his parliamentary bloc (Bloc National) who also expressed their support for Najib Mikati’s candidacy.

It should be noted that the deputy Talal Arslan indicated not to participate in the obligatory parliamentary consultations, just like the block of Lebanese forces, a few days ago.

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