After canceling this year’s test, the Lebanese authorities plan to permanently remove the test from the patent and this, according to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, so that “students do not stay behind. ‘hostage to political and economic fluctuations’.

For the time being, the cancellation of the test is due to the health situation induced by the epidemic of the COVID19 coronavirus in Lebanon and on the other hand by the real value of the test and because of the fear of seeing teachers’ unions go on strike at the time of the patent following their demand to see their compensation increased.

This decision would have been taken during a meeting which took place in the presence of the outgoing Prime Minister Hassan Diab, at the request of the Minister of Education, in the presence of the Ministers of the Interior, Energy, Health and Communications. The plan to remove the patent should still be endorsed by the Lebanese parliament.

At the same time, it was decided to maintain the general baccalaureate and vocational education diplomas, ie the technical and higher baccalaureate.

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