The building of the Council of the Lebanese Order of Doctors.

The president of the council of the medical association Charaf Abou Charaf clarified the circumstances of the death of the girl, named Jouri al Sayyed and aged 10 months, in the Chouf.

As a reminder, the family accuses the hospital where they went and the pharmacies in the region of not having been able to have the necessary drugs to treat the girl. An investigation was also opened by the Ministry of Health in order to determine the exact circumstances of the drama.

According to Dr. Charaf Abou Charaf on the basis of the information he was able to obtain, the girl had previously presented an ear infection 2 days before her death. His attending physician would then have prescribed a treatment based on antibiotics and Panadol.

Two days later, the girl’s parents reportedly went to hospital because of Jouri’s worsening state of health. The establishment then reportedly noted that the girl had a high fever and chills. After stabilizing her state of health, the establishment not having an intensive pediatric care lily, the doctor then decided to transfer her to Hammoud hospital in Saïda where a bed would have been reserved for her.

While the Red Cross had been contacted to allow the transfer, the parents refused to wait and decided to transport it at their own risk with their own car, continues Charaf Abou Charaf, without the consent of the pediatrician. She would then have died without being able to be resuscitated despite an attempt at resuscitation by a doctor who did not have all the necessary equipment in the vehicle.

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