Joanna Wronecka. Photo source: UN
Joanna Wronecka. Photo source: UN

Appointed this year in Lebanon, the special coordinator Joanna Wronecka presented with Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Under-Secretary-General in charge of peace operations and the UNIFIL commander, General Stefano Del Col, the follow-up report of UN Security Council resolution 1701 before it.

She thus underlined the current difficulties of Lebanon in terms of the social and economic situation, as well as the difficulties facing the Lebanese.

The participants reiterated their call for the formation as soon as possible of a new government in Lebanon to allow the implementation of the economic, monetary and institutional reforms necessary for the release of international aid and the revival of the economy.

The United Nations is doing what it can to alleviate the situation, but ultimately the responsibility for saving Lebanon rests with the Lebanese leadership.

Also on the agenda, the file of the legislative elections scheduled for 2022, which should allow, according to the members of the UN Security Council, the population to express their grievances in relation to the current political class.

Finally, on the subject of the explosion in the port of Beirut two weeks before the commemorations of the tragedy which left more than 200 victims and 6,000 injured, Joanna Wronecka underlined the need to achieve justice through an impartial and transparent investigation.

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