INVITATION – Unveiling of “ON THE OTHER SIDE OF TIME” by Nayla Romanos Iliya | Sunday March 15 at 6:30 PM


“ON THE OTHER SIDE OF TIME” is a permanent site-specific public art installation located in the square adjacent to St Elias Church, Minet El Hosn (Kantari).
It is a project conceived by Lebanese architect and artist Nayla Romanos Iliya.

The work references Dante’s Divine Comedy, the famous medieval epic poem that explores the concept of universalism.
Composed of steel and concrete elements, the installation rises nine meters from the ground, occupying the central area of the square.
Born out of a private initiative, the project is a gift to the city of Beirut and its people.

Nayla Romanos Iliya is a Lebanese architect and artist. Her numerous realizations in the field include projects of interior design, renovation, and architecture in Lebanon.

She left her home country during the civil war and moved to Paris, then lived in London, Hong Kong and Dubai. Nayla was exposed to different cultures, and, earlier on, developed a strong interest in art. She completed several sculpture workshops in 2011-2012, and has been sculpting on a full time basis ever since.
Influenced by her architectural practice, she approaches her sculptures as such, replacing function with intuition.

Driven by a constant quest for identity, Nayla took interest in the Phoenician civilization and more particularly in the Phoenician Alphabet, creating sculptures inspired by the letters’ shapes, meanings and symbolism. The last couple of years saw genesis of other bodies of work tackling different layers of identity, and exploring issues of sustainability as well as memory of the Lebanese civil war.
Her sculptures can be found in private as well as public collections, in Lebanon and abroad. Nayla currently lives and works in Beirut.

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