Beirut, May 14th, 2019– Mada Association organized a “career day” at Sin El Fil Municipality with the participation of 12established companies from the area and, on the first day, around 300 secondary level students and job seeking youth. 

The career day is organized within the framework of the project “Capacity Building and Mentorship for Youth in Akkar, North Lebanon, and Beirut-Mount Lebanon”, a project implemented by Mada Association in partnership with Empower NGO, supported by UNICEF and funded by Germany through the German Development Bank KfW and the Government of the Netherlands.  

The career day aims at providing youth from the secondary level with career guidance and sharing vacancies opportunities to vocational training graduates and job seekers.

The participating companies were from different fields: Agriculture, Education, Trading, Health, Service and Food providers, etc.. They had the opportunity during this event of presenting their goods and services as well as promoting their vacancies. 

The students and youth also visited, through a special animation, all the stands at the event and gathered information and tips.

In parallel, 3 workshops were held at the venue, consisting of an introduction to general principles on orientation and to labor laws and the rights of the employees at the workplace, as well as, an introduction of the job seekers on how to draft a CV ahead of a job search. 

Five similar events have already been successfully organized in Kobeyat, Halba, Minieh, Bebnin and Tripoli.

“1 in every 5 people in Lebanon is a young person between the age of 10 and 24, that’s around 20% of the country’s population. In UNICEF, we do believe in the critical role of these youth in the country and therefore we have developed specific programmes to help them developing their personal, technical skills and employability profile” said Amal Obeid, UNICEF youth and adolescent development specialist. She added “Our partnership with both Mada and Empower falls within this strategic partnership.”

The participating companies stressed on the importance of such events as students have problems in choosing their future career path when they move to university, so they highlighted the need to help and provide them with all the support.

Youssef, a participating student, said “the proposed workshops are essential and should be made available to all future job seekers.”

Nadia, a participating student, confirmed that this type of events is very important in guiding students to choose their career path according to what the job market needs, in order to reduce the high rate of unemployment.

The Career Day runs until tomorrow May 15th, at the Municipality of Sin El Fil, from 8 am until 3 pm.

About the project “Capacity Building and Mentorship for Youth in Akkar, North Lebanon, and Beirut-Mount Lebanon”

This project aims to support youth in Akkar, North Lebanon, and Beirut-Mount Lebanonby training them on technical skills to improve their employability and empower them to access better employment opportunities. The technical skills focus on vocational training related to agriculture trade, life skills and mentorship. The project will also provide six career days to assist youth in identifying job opportunities and to link them to the job market. A training on digital skills is also integrated into the project with a special focus on Social Media Campaigning and Marketing.

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