Border post between Lebanon and Israel. Photo credit: François el Bacha for All rights reserved
Border post between Lebanon and Israel. Photo credit: François el Bacha for All rights reserved

We take you from North Lebanon to South Lebanon, from West to East, to make you discover the Land of the Cedars. And on this day, we have chosen to take you to this “last frontier” in southern Lebanon.

Contentious line , in 1922, the Lebanese borders with Palestine will go upwards via the Paulet-Newcombe agreement . However, already in 1932, the plain of Houla will be granted to the British without the agreement of the Lebanese authorities of the time. Since 1948 and the various conflicts between Israel and Lebanon, including the most recent which led to the founding of, this line of demarcation is now called the Blue Line due to the presence of UNIFIL.

The blue line is therefore a line drawn on by the UN on the basis of the demarcation line put in place during the 1949 armistice convention, following the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon on

In this photograph, we can see the last post of the Lebanese Army on the left of which we can only salute the courage and its presence, especially following his feast of August 1 and also the last post of the UNIFIL in white. The antenna and the fences that can also be seen, are on the Israeli side.

It should once again be pointed out that this blue line does not constitute the final border but is only a line of demarcation between Lebanon and Israel, two countries technically still at war.

Alongside the land borders which have not been established as we have just seen, the controversy also affects the sharing of maritime areas between the two countries. It is always at the level of Naqoura that we can see a series of buoys extending for 2 to 3 kilometers at sea which separate the Lebanese and Israeli economic zones.

It is also in Naqoura that the headquarters of UNIFIL is located, which in accordance with the armistice agreement of 1948, is the tripartite meeting place between the Lebanese Army and the Israeli Army. It is in this headquarters that the negotiations concerning the delimitation of the border between the 2 countries take place.

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