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Icône Saint Charbel

Saint Charbel opens his eyes to the faithful in a new icon

Whenever the name of the Lebanese Saint of Beqaakafra is mentioned or invoked, it goes without saying, for all those who know this figure...

Lebanon / Heritage: the Taanayel Farms in the Békaa

Rock and agricultural break, at the Taanayel farms in the Bekaa, founded in 1863 by the Jesuit congregation following the institution's compensation for the...

Marie, où es-tu ? SOS d’une Libanaise en détresse

Chaque 15 août, les chrétiens du monde entier, tous rites confondus, commémorent la dormition et la montée au ciel de la Vierge Marie, «...

Despite the crisis, the grandiose marriages of girls deputies continue

Despite the economic crisis that Lebanon is going through and the deterioration of the parity of the Lebanese pound against the dollar by more...

Lebanese delegation marches at Tokyo Olympics

Good news of the day, the Lebanese delegation marched on the occasion of the opening of the 2020 Olympic Games - delayed by one...

Un tchèque à la tête de l’équipe libanaise de football

La fédération libanaise de football Ivan Hasek nouveau sélectionneur de l'équipe nationale. Il aurait la lourde tâche d'emmener le Liban aux épreuves éliminatoires asiatiques...

Where to go to the beach in Lebanon in 2021!

While the economic crisis is raging and the Lebanese are still finding significant difficulties in disposing of their bank deposits, especially abroad following the...
Notre Dame de Jounieh Hospital. Photo credit: Francois el Bacha for Libnanews.com

After the financial crisis and that of the Covid, hospitals fear power cuts

After the financial crisis or that linked to the coronavirus and which resulted in a significant wave of deaths in Lebanon from January to...

MMFD : Autour du soulèvement syndical

Le mouvement Citoyens et Citoyennes dans un État a participé aux élections de l’Ordre des Ingénieurs dans le cadre d’une large alliance de groupes...

Lebanon / Heritage: Cedars under the snow

After visiting the Jaj cedars or from Barouk , we therefore go to the most mythical forest in Lebanon, or the Cedars of God...
Cedar apple from Lebanon. Photo credit: François el Bacha for Libnanews.com. All rights reserved.

Lebanon / Tourism: In the cedars of Jaj

Jaj is a village on the edge of the Jbeil region, one of whose particularities is to host a forest of Cedars of Lebanon...

Lebanon / Heritage: The cutlery of Jezzine

Jezzine, is a city located in the South of Lebanon, famous for its beautiful residences, its old churches, its waterfall over 40 m high...

Sédimentologie, Diagenèse, Stratigraphie et Paléontologie de la séquence rocheuse du Crétacé inférieur au Liban:...

La formation du Chouf (C1 sur les cartes géologiques de M. Louis Dubertret et de ses collaborateurs) datant de l’ère géologique du Néocomien –...
The Castle of the Sea, Saïda, South Lebanon. Photo credit: François el Bacha

Lebanon / Heritage: the Castle of the Sea of Saïda

Of the 2 castles owned by the city of Saïda, a city located 40 km south of the capital, the Château de la Mer...