Taanayel, Békaa, Lebanon. Photo credit: François el Bacha, all rights reserved.

Rock and agricultural break, at the Taanayel farms in the Bekaa, founded in 1863 by the Jesuit congregation following the institution’s compensation for the massacre of 6 religious during the civil war of 1860. It was then 230 hectares of swamps, quickly developed between 1871 and 1880 to become a model farm today, counting several hundred heads of cattle and other animals.

Easily accessible from the Damascus road, the Taanayel estate is a paradise for young and old. Calm, tranquility, meditation away from the stress of everyday life are on the menu.

With its artificial lake, and various activities offered, including accommodation in the convent for those who wish to enjoy a certain tranquility, managed by the Arc En Ciel association which has taken over the place since 2009 following a decision by the Jesuit Fathers, the farms of Taanayel offer a rich range of labneh, laban, etc. dairy products …

The mornings will thus be able to benefit from a copious breakfast with the real products of the soil. Those who arrive late will not be left out, however.

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