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Lebanon / Tourism: The last frontier

We take you from North Lebanon to South Lebanon, from West to East, to make you discover the Land of the Cedars. And on...
Mseilleh castle in Batroun. Photo credit: François el Bacha for Libnanews.com. All rights reserved

Lebanon / Heritage: Mseilha castle

Located at the foot of the newly built dam in Batroun, Mseilha Castle, majestically enthroned on its peak, controls the valley where the Nasr...

Lebanon / Tourism: the beaches of Batroun

With 10,000 inhabitants, the city of Batroun was founded in the 3rd century BC. It is known today for its beaches and its rather...

Lebanon / Heritage: the Taanayel Farms in the Békaa

Rock and agricultural break, at the Taanayel farms in the Bekaa, founded in 1863 by the Jesuit congregation following the institution's compensation for the...

Lebanon / Heritage: the citadel of Hasbaya

The citadel of Hasbaya in southern Lebanon is an interesting place to see despite its dismal external condition with diverse architecture - Crusader, Arab...

Lebanon / Heritage: The Roman temples of Ein Ankrine in the North

The complex of Roman temples in the locality of Ein Ankrine is located in the caza of Koura in North Lebanon, just above Amioun...

Lebanon / Heritage: Cedars under the snow

After visiting the Jaj cedars or from Barouk , we therefore go to the most mythical forest in Lebanon, or the Cedars of God...
Cedar apple from Lebanon. Photo credit: François el Bacha for Libnanews.com. All rights reserved.

Lebanon / Tourism: In the cedars of Jaj

Jaj is a village on the edge of the Jbeil region, one of whose particularities is to host a forest of Cedars of Lebanon...

Lebanon / Heritage: The great juniper of Lebanon

The large juniper, of its Latin name Juniperus Excelsa , is known in Lebanon as Lezzeb. Highly appreciated by the Egyptians and Phoenicians, it...

Lebanon / Heritage: the old city of Tire in South Lebanon

Tire, one of the premier cities in the region, was founded in the 3rd millennium BC. It will shine so much in History through...
The Nahr Brahim valley in Lebanon. Photo credit François el Bacha for Libnanews.com. All rights reserved.

Lebanon / Heritage: The Valley of Nahr Brahim or Valley of Adonis

The valley of Nahr Brahim, formerly called the valley of Adonis, is one of those exceptional places in Lebanon with a rich history. Adonis,...

Lebanon / Heritage: The Eternal Olive Trees of Bchaaleh in North Lebanon

Bchaleeh, municipality of the caza of Batroun in North Lebanon, houses a small treasure visible on the very edge of the road. These are...

Between history and legend: the port of Tire in southern Lebanon

We take you to the port of Tire, also known locally as Sour, a town located just 70 km from Beirut. Built on the...

Lebanon / Heritage: the vineyard and cellars of Château Kefraya

After the Taanayel farms and the Ammiq swamps, this Saturday we invite you to go, still in the West Békaa, in the vineyards and...