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The guard tower is part of the archaeological site of Faqra that we already know with the Great Roman Temple and less known the Little Temple. It would have been the first monument built on this site, since an inscription dated 43 AD indicates that the building has already been restored by Emperor Claudius.

As a reminder, the archaeological site overlooks one of the streams that make up the river of Nahr el Kalb, also called Lycus at the time of its construction.

Considered by some as a tomb, an altar, a hypothesis now refuted because of the absence of a pyramid at its top, or even a watch post like the other guard towers that already existed on the route of the Roman road leading from Baalbeck to Berytus (Beyrouth), the tower would be cubic form 15 meters side

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Two altars are also in its immediate vicinity, one probably larger sacrificial and a second smaller, as well as a well or traces of bones would have been found

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