Another collapse of the Lebanese pound against the dollar on the black market, with a parity of 18,175 LL / USD on the buy side and 18,225 LL / USD on the sell side.

This situation comes at a time when no political improvement is on the agenda for the time being and a majority of depositors have refused to accept Banque du Liban circular 158. If this made it possible to have 400 USD per month in cash and the equivalent of 400 USD in Lebanese pound at the rate of the Sayrafa electronic platform, i.e. 12,000 LL / USD, many depositors believe that the conditions put in place. place by the banks, such as the irrevocable acceptance not to file a complaint against it, constitute a fraud all the more important as the majority of banks are still insolvent.

The collapse of Lebanon could occur within a few days, noted, barely 2 days ago, the outgoing Prime Minister Hassan Diab, a situation made all the more critical as the shortages multiply with the refusal of the Bank of Lebanon to grant the lines of credit necessary for the unloading of tankers, for the purchase of drugs, including for people suffering from cancer or chronic diseases or food shortages.

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