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Libnanews est un site d'informations en français sur le Liban né d'une initiative citoyenne et présent sur la toile depuis 2006. Notre site est un média citoyen basé à l’étranger, et formé uniquement de jeunes bénévoles de divers horizons politiques, œuvrant ensemble pour la promotion d’une information factuelle neutre, refusant tout financement d’un parti quelconque, pour préserver sa crédibilité dans le secteur de l’information.

Banque du Liban indicates that it has answered questions asked by Alvarez & Marsal

The main entrance of the Banque du Liban (BDL) Photo credit: Libnanews.com, all rights reserved
The Banque du Liban said it had handed over to the government official the questions asked in the context of the forensic audit procedure of its accounts. These answers will still have to reach the Alvarez & Marsal law firm in charge of the...

Death of Prince Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Elizabeth II of England

The prince Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth II of England died this morning at the age of 99, reports the British Royal Palace. He was most recently hospitalized with an infection and then underwent heart surgery, before being discharged...

Explosion of the port of Beirut: 11 people in the process of being released by the Lebanese justice

Prosecutor Ghassan Khoury asked for the release of 11 people as part of the investigation into the explosion in the port of Beirut on Thursday. These would be low-level employees and members of the security services. These requests should still be considered by the judge...

ABL responds to Aoun: banks are not the source of bad policies

The Association of Banks in Lebanon responded on Wednesday to the President of the Republic, believing that the latter is leading a campaign against the banking sector, with the objective of concealing "the reasons for what happened and what is still happening. in the...

Lebanon / Coronavirus: 37 deaths and 3,510 cases this Thursday, April 8

Lebanese authorities deplore 37 deaths following complications induced by the COVID19 coronavirus in the past 24 hours. 3,510 cases were also diagnosed. The Lebanese authorities are also considering establishing a curfew for the entire month of Ramadan on the recommendation of the anti-covid committee...

France and the European Union plan to sanction Lebanese politicians

The European Commission in Brussels. Image by Jai79 on Pixabay
France and the European Union would work to put in place sanctions including freezes of financial assets and travel bans against political figures to push them to set up a government, a necessary condition for the unblocking of assistance from the international community. These...

Lebanon / Crisis: Inflation of 4.59% during the month of January

The inflation rate reached 4.59% at least in January, the central statistics department said. This increase has been uneven, with inflation of only 2.75% for Beirut, 4.05% for Mount Lebanon, 4.46% for the Bekaa, 4.94% for South Lebanon, 6.02% for Nabatiyeh and 6.58% for...

Berri’s initiative, still on the table

Speaker Nabih Berri's initiative to form a new government remains on the table, sources close to him tell the Asharq al-Awsat newspaper. If the proposals aiming to form a cabinet of 24 members without the right of veto would have been accepted by the Presidency...

The Presidency of the Republic attacks Riad Salamé head-on in the face of his refusal to carry out the forensic audit of the accounts of the Banque du Liban

The President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun has publicly denounced the ill will of the Ministry of Finance Ghazi Wazni and the Governor of the Banque du Liban Riad Salamé without however directly naming them in the face of the various pitfalls and...

Lebanon / Coronavirus: 33 deaths and 3,120 cases this Wednesday

Lebanon deplores 33 deaths this Wednesday, April 7, following complications induced by covid19. 3,120 cases have also been diagnosed in the past 24 hours. The number of people hospitalized returns below the symbolic bar of 2,000 cases on Wednesday, while the number of people...

$ 6 billion illegally transferred out of Lebanon (Foreign Policy)

Foreign Policy magazine says $ 6 billion has been illegally transferred out of Lebanon in recent months , following pressure from politicians on local banking establishments, despite the introduction of informal capital controls in November 2019. These figures confirm the estimates already present for...

Despite the crisis, Mikati’s fortune, more than ever to the highest

Former Prime Minister Nagib Mikati
Despite the current crisis in Lebanon, billionaire and former Prime Minister Nagib Mikati's fortune is at its highest, with $ 2.6 billion, according to the annual Forbes ranking released today. He had been prime minister twice, from April to July 2005 and from June...

4 foreign banks cut ties with Banque du Liban as Riad Salamé tries to defend himself against accusations (Al Akhbar)

Riad Salameh, governor of Lebanon's central bank, speaks to the Financial Times in his office in Beirut, Lebanon, on October 30, 2017. [Sam Tarling for the Financial Times]
The governor of the Bank of Lebanon Riad Salamé would have informed the public prosecutor, Judge Ghassan Oweidat, of the closure of the accounts of the Bank of Lebanon with foreign correspondent banks, indicates the newspaper Al Akhbar. This letter was transferred by the...

Former Defense Minister Sends “Important” Documents to Judge Tarek Bitar

Former Minister of Defense Yacoub Sarraf, in place in the government of Mr. Saad Hariri after the election of General Michel Aoun to the Presidency of the Republic in 2016, said he transmitted this Tuesday to the investigating judge in charge of the file...