The leader of the Free Patriotic Current called for the swift formation of a constitutionally-compliant government headed by Saad Hariri. He underlined in a statement to the press that this cabinet will have the task of putting in place the necessary reforms to face the crisis that the Land of the Cedars is going through.

Gébran Bassil notably addressed the question of the rationing program to be implemented at the end of a meeting of the joint parliamentary committees. He denounced the practices of certain exclusive agents stocking basic necessities which are currently subsidized to the detriment of local consumers.

The financing of this program and of the card attached to it will be secured by the Banque du Liban, specifies the former minister, in accordance with article 91 of the Lebanese constitution. This program will reduce the cost of the current subsidy program from $ 6 billion to $ 3 billion.

However, it will not be possible to maintain the subsidies for electricity, gasoline and medicines, specifies Gébran Bassil.

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