Contrary to initial information, the meeting between Prime Minister designate Saad Hariri – following his return to Lebanon after several weeks of absence – and Speaker of the House Nabih Berri did not have the expected results, some sources indicate. Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri thus accused the Presidency of the Republic of wanting to obtain the appointment of 3 Christian ministers, which runs counter to the initiative of the president of the chamber.

Also, he would also have accused the President of the Republic of wanting to obtain the key ministries of justice and the interior.

In addition, the meeting between the President of the Courant Patriotique Libre Gébran Bassil and the adviser to Nabih Berri and former finance minister Ali Hassan Khalil and the deputy of Hezbollah Hussein Khalil would also have been tense, due, this time to the demand. of the President of the Republic relayed by Gébran Bassil to the choice of 2 Christian ministers, while Saad Hariri would like to appoint them himself.

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