The siege of the Grand Serail before the explosion of the Port of Beirut.
The siege of the Grand Serail before the explosion of the Port of Beirut.

The last few days have been marked by a resumption of tensions between different political parties involved in the formation of the next government, a necessary prerequisite for any economic aid, while the financial and socio-economic situation in Lebanon continues to deteriorate.

This Tuesday, the Presidency of the Republic responded to the accusations of the Current of the Future with a press release. As a reminder, some officials accused the Presidential Palace “of having obstructionism in the genes”.

Baabda thus recalls that the Lebanese are still awaiting a new government, and that the head of state, General Michel Aoun, has declared himself ready to facilitate this task. However, “statements and positions from different references interfere with the formation process by intentionally or unintentionally ignoring the mechanism stipulated in the constitution.”

Thus, the Presidency indicates that it has submitted a number of suggestions aimed at achieving a natural formation of the government and has neglected abuses, violations and direct targeting of the President’s jurisdictions.

In support of the Presidency’s statements, the Courant Patriotique Libre has declared that it rejects a tripartite partition of the next government, granting a third to the Shiite duo Hezbollah / Amal, a third to the Sunnis of Prime Minister Saad Hariri and a third to the Christian community via the Presidency of the Republic. As a reminder, the Maronite patriarch had already declared himself opposed to this division, which he said was contrary to the national pact stipulating rather a 50% distribution between Christian and Muslim communities.

The CPL also denounced an incomplete rotation of ministerial portfolios, alluding to the fact that the Prime Minister-designate had responded favorably to the demands of the Amal movement that the Ministry of Finance, a key ministry, remain in his hands.

He thus called on Saad Hariri to consult the parliamentary blocs and “to agree with the president on a governmental formula in accordance with the spirit and the text of the constitution and according to the known mechanisms and standards of the National Pact”.

These 2 statements followed those of those close to the movement of the future of the prime minister designate who felt that the head of state did not wish to obtain the formation of the new government because “any progress in the processing of cases will be attributed to the role of Hariri “

“The obstruction is in the Aounist genes and there is no hope of achieving a real breakthrough” had concluded these sources on the airwaves of the LBCI.

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