The day yesterday was marked by the absence of any progress on the front of the composition of a new government, with the invectives exchanged between sympathizers of the Presidency of the Republic and supporters of the Prime Minister designate Saad Hariri despite the initiative of the Speaker of the House Nabih Berri to try to reduce the gap between the two men.

Tense indirect discussions thus took place between the latter and both with the Prime Minister designate Saad Hariri and the President of the Patriotic Current Gebran Bassil through the intermediary of the former Minister of Finance Ali Hassan Khalil and the deputy Hussein Khalil.

The deputies of the Current of the Future, whose meeting took place yesterday under the presidency of Saad Hariri, continue to accuse Gebran Bassil of wanting to obtain a right of veto within the next cabinet. For the time being, he has also abstained from any comment concerning the constitution of a government of 24 members in accordance with the initiative of the Speaker of the House.

The Vice-President of the CDF Mustapha Alloush also considered that the recusal of the designated prime minister remains a viable option or the resignation of the deputies of the parliamentary bloc.

For its part, the Free Patriotic Current accuses Prime Minister Saad Hariri of not discussing with him and of seeking to eliminate him. He thus recalls that the latter would have already conceded the fact that the next Council of Ministers could be composed of non-political figures. He also refuted any request from a third party for a veto or the fact of asking for a 9th ministry.

In a statement, the CDF went so far as to accuse Gébran Bassil of being a phantom president.

Phantom President Gébran Bassil spares no opportunity to speak on behalf of the President of the Republic, confirming that the obstruction of the two men will come before all national efforts to form a government

The Current of the Future also accuses the leader of the CPL of believing that he can issue an arrest warrant against leaders going to the Baabda Palace, a few hours after the latter called for a national dialogue to resolve the crisis.

The leader of the CPL confirms that the Presidency supports any mechanism leading to the appointment of ministers not linked to political figures. In addition, he would have also rejected the request of the Prime Minister to appoint 2 Christian ministers within the next cabinet. Also the President of the Republic Michel Aoun would also like to obtain the ministries of interior and justice.

Tamam Salam approached as prime minister for government leading to early parliamentary elections

In addition, the candidacy of the former Prime Minister Tamam Salam is mentioned to lead a government in charge of organizing early legislative elections, according to a scenario mentioned by the French authorities. The ministers who make it up could not stand in these elections.

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