The director of the Catholic Media Centre, Father Abdo Abu Kassem, has announced that the churches will remain open to 30% of their capacity during the Easter holidays, in line with the decision of the High Security Council to grant a waiver to these during the three-day confinement period decided yesterday.

Churches will be able to open their doors to celebrate Palm Sunday Mass, Good Friday Mass and Easter Mass “in a brief manner,” he said.

However, it will be a question of respecting the measures of social distance, with the wearing of the mask, but also of limiting the number of people attending to it to 30% in relation to the capacity.

He also said that the Masses could also be broadcast on social networks or televisions such as Noursat, Tele Lumière and Charity Tv.

The religious leader recalls that it is also a question of limiting family reunions and respecting in each household the preventive measures necessary to control the epidemic, as well as to get vaccinated to allow a return to normal life.

As a reminder, the Lebanese authorities decided yesterday to extend for another 6 months, the general mobilization measures in the face of the COVID19 epidemic in Lebanon. Three days of confinement will also be put in place during Easter and Eid el Fitr, responding to the comments of the medical sector, which fears a significant increase in the number of cases of people infected on this occasion.

A total of 455,381 have been infected since 21 February 2020, when the first case was discovered in Lebanon.

3,100 were diagnosed positive so far. 295 people have been re-infected with the virus.

The total number of people affected by the virus is 450,825 local cases and 4,556 cases from abroad.

2,319 people are currently reported to be hospitalized and 978 people are in critical condition and 287 people are on respirators.

92,975 are currently active and 353,342 are cured

The total number of people who have died has been 6,013 since the onset of the disease in Lebanon on 21 February 2020.
The ratio of positive tests remains high with the %. figure of 17.6%.

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