Representatives of 2 critical sectors, the hospital sector and the bakery sector, expressed concern about the current fuel shortage in Lebanon.

This warning comes as the oil management does not have enough to meet current demand for more than a week. Even, since the Al Adha Muslim holidays, no deliveries have been made, causing the price per gallon on the black market to rise sharply, one tonne reaching up to 8 million Lebanese pounds.

Faced with the situation, bakeries have indicated that they have to stop the production of bread and close their establishments, denouncing in passing the current price grid, insufficient to cope with current expenses. Bakery representatives are also calling for their members to refuse any purchase of fuel on the black market.

Even more critical, the association of hospital owners indicates that the establishments can no longer obtain the fuel oil necessary for the operation of the generators currently requested 20 hours a day.

Some patients thus see their lives being threatened within a few hours by power cuts.

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