The outgoing Minister of the Interior said that no new elements have emerged for the time being in connection with the investigation into the assassination of political activist Lokman Slim.

The Office of the Minister of the Interior would like to clarify that the Lebanese security agencies have not disclosed anything new in the case and he hopes that the security agencies will receive any leads that could serve the investigation.
Press release from the Ministry of the Interior

The publication of this press release comes as rumors have surfaced that the killers’ vehicles have been identified.

Activist and Hezbollah opponent Loqman Salim was found dead in his vehicle in Nabatieh in southern Lebanon on February 4. He had been killed by several bullets fired at close range.

Luqman Salim had already been the subject of threats, in particular on December 13, 2020, after death threats were reportedly found on the walls of the family property where he lives.

For its part, Hezbollah has denied any involvement in this assassination.

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