Following the explosion at the port of Beirut on August 4, 2020, the whole world expressed its solidarity with the Lebanese people.

Since then, beyond the weakening of the Lebanese judicial institutions, the news shows that the judge Tarek Bitar in charge of the investigation relating to this explosion is under pressure, personal attacks as well as threats.

These actions, which undermine the independence of the judiciary, undermine the rule of law. The Francophone Network of Judicial Magistrates’ Councils (RFCMJ) expresses its solidarity and moral support to the Lebanese magistrates, particularly to Judge Bitar, as well as to the Superior Council of the Lebanese Judiciary, one of the founding and active members of the RFCMJ, of which the fundamental competence is to ensure the proper functioning, dignity and independence of the judiciary.

About RFCMJ :
The French-speaking Network of Judicial Magistrates’ Councils, also known by its acronym RFCMJ, brings together the institutions that have jurisdiction in matters of judicial ethics in French-speaking countries. It promotes cooperation by favoring the exchange of information, experience and knowledge.

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