Clashes between Syrian and Lebanese nationals, mostly sympathizers of the Lebanese Forces in different regions of Lebanon.

If several thousand Syrians went to the Syrian Embassy in Lebanon located in the town of Baabda from 5 a.m. this morning, under the protection of the internal security forces, clashes took place at Place Sassine in Beirut where a car bearing a portrait of the Syrian president was damaged.

Other incidents also took place in Nahr el Kalb despite a strong presence of security forces and the Lebanese army, with a bus carrying Syrian nationals also being attacked by a crowd mostly sympathetic to Lebanese forces while their leader, Samir Geagea, yesterday asked for the expulsion of Syrians voting in favor of Bashar al-Assad, given the big favorite in these elections.

The National News Agency thus indicates that a 54-year-old Syrian national died of a heart attack when the vehicle in which he was in was damaged.

In addition, a vehicle of the MTV Lebanon television channel also bore the brunt of these clashes.

As a reminder, Lebanon is home to a large community of Syrian refugees, a very large part of whom entered illegally.

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