Through “Shadows and lights” … sculptures by Anachar Basbous

Beirut, October 8, 2021: When shadows surround a population bound to find joy in every life, and when darkness prevails over happiness and love, a phoenix emerges, taking the form of an artistic sculpture, spreading light to the souls that lost the meaning of living among the circumstances Lebanon is going through. Art in Motion, the non-profit association which objective is to establish a cultural dialogue through art, in public space, chose light over darkness and decided to lift the spirits of all Lebanese, by organizing “Between shadows and lights”, an exhibition by the renowned sculptor Anachar Basbous, that was inaugurated on October 8, 2021 at Domaine Ixsir.

The exhibition, put in place by Art in Motion, whose sole mission is to instil hope in Lebanese darkened souls, showcased sculptures designed to lift darkness over the beautiful country Lebanon, and to remind the world that this small nation isn’t home to disasters and catastrophes, but rather home to impeccable minds, able to elevate its name high, bringing back the glory of the Lebanese artistic scene.

During the vernissage, art enthusiasts wandered the dreamy landscape of Domaine Ixsir, contemplating the sculptures and their meaning on the lush musical sounds of Djette, sipping their drinks over sunset, when all dreams unravel and hopeful wishes emerge. 

Commenting on the vernissage, Rania Tabbara, Founder of Art in Motion, said, “It is time for us to leave all our sorrows behind and remember that we are the people of hope, resilience and courage. We, Art in Motion, want to remind the Lebanese of their joy of life through this exhibition. Between shadows and lights will bring hope back to the community and our aim is restoring faith in our future.”

From his end, the sculptor Anachar Basbous described his sculptures saying that “Each stroke of the stone carver is an attempt to carve darkness out of our sad souls. And with each curve, light is shed to put our community back on its feet. My sculptures here today are a reminder that no matter how hard the stone is, a beautiful statue will emerge beautifully at the end.”

Between Shadows and Lights will remain open for public till November 8, 2021 sending a message that not all darkness remains, but lights will be shed and hope will be restored.

Information about ART IN MOTION

ART IN MOTION is a non-profit association which objective is to establish a cultural dialogue through art, in public space. It promotes all forms of artistic expression, in a Lebanese context, while establishing exchanges with international artistic scenes to promote encounters with the public and make art accessible to everyone.

The association was founded by Rania Tabbara (curator) and Raya Farhat (creative director), who share a common vision of contemporary art and its decisive role within our societies to “raise awareness and establish a force of cohesion”.

Through artistic events taking place in public spaces, exhibitions or performances, ART IN MOTION sets art in motion, to pave theway for exchanges and meetings with all categories of audiences and strengthen dialogue between Lebanon and the region.

Information about ANACHAR BASBOUS

Son of the great artist recognized internationally. Anachar was born in Lebanon in 1969, in Rachana a village overlooking the Mediterranean, where he lives and works. He was brought up in a family of artists. His father Michel Basbous was a known sculptor, his mother was a writer and poet. Since his birth,  he has lived  in an environment  dedicated to creation  and art, in a magical space, surrounded by abstract shapes  sculpted  by the hands  of his father. His sculptures are now present in many private collections as well as in various cultural institutions, in Lebanon, France, Canada, the United States, United Arab Emirates and around the world, in gardens, hotels and private residences.

Information about THE DOMAINE IXSIR

The origin of the name Ixsir derives from the Arabic word Elixsir (Al-Iksir), the purest form of all substance. It is also a secret potionguaranteeing youth and love forever.

Ixsir vineyard was created in 2007 by three friends who are passionate about wine. Their goal was to rediscover the best Lebanese terroirs forgotten for years. The vision behind IXSIR is to reveal the best terroirs of Lebanon, some long sinceforgotten. Cultivated with respect to sustainable agriculture, IXSIR’s vineyards are carefully handcrafted by IXSIR’s winemaker, the

wines reflect the purity and freshness of the Lebanese mountains through richness, elegance and complexity.

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