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The parliamentary health committee meeting today under the chairmanship of deputy Assem Araji said single-use medical supplies for people requiring dialysis have arrived.

At the end of this meeting, the chairman of the committee thus addressed the current situation, believing that measures must be immediately implemented so as not to have to lose lives for lack of medication. Thus, a list of priority drugs was established by the Ministry of Health to be financed by the Banque du Liban.

The parliamentarian thus denounced both the importers of drugs and medical equipment and the Bank of Lebanon for the delays in the delivery of the goods necessary for the patients.

God help people, and what’s going on in this business is the patient is the one paying the price
Assem Araji, June 15, 2021

He then wondered about the current properties, especially in relation to the financing of electricity or the medical sector. If it is a matter of choosing, he believes that the collapse of the health sector means the collapse of the entire country.

Drug importing companies singled out

Assem Araji has also accused drug importing companies of generating “staggering” profits in his own words. He was referring to the discovery of the outgoing Minister of Health Hamad Hassan during a visit to a drug depot. The MP therefore calls for a re-pricing and restructuring of medical and laboratory tariffs to their detriment

In addition, he denounced the Banque du Liban which is slow to give an answer concerning the financing of its support to the health sector. This should reach 40 or 50 million dollars mainly for the benefit of laboratories when many reagents are already lacking on the market.

Local insurance companies have stopped collaborating with their foreign correspondents, meaning the end of coverage for certain patients. Some are already refused by hospitals because of this lack of funding.

Finally, fuel oil for hospital generators is starting to run out. He therefore calls on the Ministry of Energy to give priority to hospital structures.

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