Despite the economic crisis that Lebanon is going through and the deterioration of the parity of the Lebanese pound against the dollar by more than 90%, local deputies organize grandiose weddings for their offspring. This was particularly the case with the daughter of MP Ibrahim Kanaan, chairman of the parliamentary finance and budget committee who thus seems to have spent lavishly, or even a former Hezbollah MP, Nawar Sahel, who has just announced the suspension of its participation in the Shiite movement because of the criticisms addressed to it.

The images of these celebrations were widely disseminated and commented on on social networks and in particular Facebook.

Ibrahim Kanaan is notably accused of belonging to the banking party in his capacity as lawyer for several shareholders of private banks. Some sources note for example that he would have knowingly underestimated the losses of the financial sector in order to avoid a bailout of the current shareholders of these establishments.

As a reminder, 43% of politicians and especially parliamentarians have interests in the banking sector.

This information comes as the Lebanese pound has lost more than 90% of its value against the dollar in 2 years. Thus, the minimum wage would wait only 30 USD per month against 450 USD 2 years ago. 75% of the Lebanese population is currently living below the poverty line set at 6 USD per day and 70% of the population no longer has enough to eat, thus 30% of children, a UNICEF report indicated.

Also, the current political class is widely criticized for being at the origin of the current crisis after having mismanaged the affairs of this country and especially for being considered corrupt and for having privileged its links with the banking sector in the management of the public debt instead of the interests of this country.

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