The President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, spoke this evening on the eve of the first commemorations of the explosion of the Port of Beirut, a tragedy which had more than 200 dead and more than 6,500 wounded.

The head of state thus called for the investigations into this case to be successful, stressing his support for the current legal proceedings and denouncing the pressure suffered by the investigators.

General Michel Aoun also recalled being ready to testify before his last and refute any immunity and also addressed the theme of the economic crisis, reforms and the constitution of a next cabinet.

The speech of President Michel Aoun

O Lebanese, Lebanese

On the eve of the painful memory of the explosion in the Port of Beirut, I greet the soul of every martyr who fell in this great tragedy, and I sympathize for all the wounded and wounded, and all those who have lost a being. dear or near, a house.

I bow to the resistance of a people who have faced all the tragedies.

I say to our dear capital Beirut: the truth will appear and each culprit will receive his punishment. You will have woken up again.

On August of last year, an earthquake unprecedented in the history of Lebanon.

Beirut’s face was torn, many hearts were wounded, innocent lives should not have fallen, without the accumulation of neglect, and the responsibilities of many responsible over the years and at different levels, which could have taken practical steps to dispose of hazardous materials that led to this disaster.

I feel the pain of family and friends who lost loved ones in this explosion, and I am one of those who lost a loved one.

I feel their rightful anger, their deep bitterness which the days will see increase if they do not feel the word and practical action that the hour of accountability has begun or that lawsuits will be intentionally eliminated by those guilty of negligence. This may cause another explosion.

This is why I say it out loud, for the open wounds of the Lebanese, and for history:

Yes for an honest and daring investigation until a fair trial.
Yes to strong justice, which does not back down from a holder of authority, no matter how small, and the immunities and protections he enjoys, in order to deliver justice and judge those who caused this explosion.

Yes, that justice goes to the end in the investigation and the trials. I am by his side, until the facts are established and justice is served.

When the Head of State places himself at the service of justice in order to testify, no one has any more excuse to grant himself immunity or to arm himself under any legal or political pretext and thus not provide all the information. required.


If I respect the Constitution and that I respect the separation of powers, I do not see what prevents the judicial investigation from questioning those whom the justice considers useful to investigate, especially since the fair trial is not exonerated. nor unfair.
It is therefore appropriate to let the investigation take its course.

Where does my alliance with the martyrs come from, on the eve of this painful memory?
The blood that shed on that fateful day will not be wasted. The truth will come with the just fate of everyone responsible for this catastrophe.

May the commemoration of tomorrow be a station where we sincerely remember The responsibility and wisdom of the martyrs, the wounded and those displaced from their homes, far from any behavior which can be used to destroy security and stability and which undermines this tragic memory.

O Lebanese, Lebanese, I know you have a long wait for a new government.

Today we have the opportunity to do so, with the designation of a new president to train it.

I was hoping that the formation decrees (of the next government) will be published as soon as possible. I promise you that I will seek with the President-elect, and in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution, to overcome all obstacles in the face of the formation of a rescuing government capable of thanks to the experience of its members, their competence and their integrity, to implement the program of required and known reforms.

O Lebanese, Lebanese.

You all feel with you that the economic and financial collapse of the last two years with all its repercussions on life, life, psychology and security. A sign of the collapse of the Lebanese state in all its foundations and institutions, in its role and existence.

But today I stand before you as brothers, sons, friends, families, ancient and resistant people, to make sure that the pains end with a new dawn, that we are able together with our cooperation, our patience. and by setting up mechanisms

The solution is on the right path, by forming a promising government, preparing for parliamentary elections which lay the seeds of real change, which help overcome the painful present, and gradually the crisis which is tearing our homeland, hearts and minds apart. the tranquility of our life.

Yes, we are capable of it, and hope has never been synonymous with illusion, when we accompany it with conscience, work, solidarity and determination.
We are able to get up.
Let us hold on to our unity and open a new page that brings Lebanon back to the map of innovation, growth and competition, and gives our young people back hope in their homeland, the desire to stay there, the return of civilization, joy and creativity.

Long live Lebanon!

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