The association of owners of private hospitals issued a statement deploring the lack of perspective of this sector in the face of the economic crisis. They believe that hospital services will increasingly be reserved for the well-to-do, as hospitals are now unable to receive patients without charging the difference between the price of medical and laboratory supplies and radiological tests and official pricing.

The organization deplores the doubling of the prices of medical supplies. “We do not know what is supported and what is not,” said the press release, which also underlines that suppliers and importers no longer deliver the necessary products to hospitals.

Every day brings us surprises that we do not take into account, including today. for example, the scarcity of equipment that is used in coronary artery operations and some x-rays, as well as the scarcity of fuel oil which threatens the functioning of hospitals

No solution would be on the agenda, say the owners of private hospitals, without the formation of a government, a necessary prerequisite for the international community and the release of the aid which would result from it.

Despite the efforts of Defense Minister Zeina Akkar or Health Minister Hamad Hassan, the main problem is the lack of funds available.

We have become one of the poorest countries in the world and the minimum wage is no more than a dollar and a half a day, while we import most of our needs from the rich industrialized countries, and that is the crux of the matter.

Finally, the authors of the press release believe that the adjustment of hospital rates is inevitable but also of the funds to finance it.

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