Photo Credit: NNA

The Interior Ministry has now banned the sale of fuels – gasoline or fuel oil – retail in cans, because of the dangers this represents for the population.

As a reminder, individuals have already started fires because of the storage of large quantities of gasoline in their homes last year.

This storage – illegal – also comes at a time when Lebanon is currently experiencing a shortage of gasoline following the failure of the Banque du Liban to ensure payment on time for the unloading of tankers which are nevertheless off the Lebanese coast. Motorists are thus trying to build up reserves of gasoline until the situation settles down.

In addition, many gas stations ration the quantities of gasoline sold to motorists when they have not yet stopped selling it in many Lebanese regions, including the capital, Beirut, itself.

The representative of the union of gasoline distributors Fadi Abou Shakra thanked the minister following this decision.

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