Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea has indicated that his party will not appoint a prime minister during parliamentary consultations which begin on July 26. As a reminder, for the time being, the former Prime Minister Najib Mikati remains the favorite.

According to Samir Geagea, it is impossible to achieve reforms “as long as the Aoun-Hizbullah duo and their allies hold power”, reiterating his call for early parliamentary elections.

He also considered that the parliamentary proposal to refer the case of the explosion of the port of Beirut to the high court of justice as a new fraud, stressing that this body has never met. He accused the leader of Hezbollah of being at the origin of the obstacles posed to this investigation, also calling for the establishment of an international commission to shed light on this tragedy and taking on the wrong foot his regional opponent Sleiman Franjieh who was yesterday at the second of the former ministers that Judge Tarek Bitar asks to question.

Still on the subject of the lifting of the immunity of certain parliamentarians, the Lebanese Forces will go “to the end”, denouncing the absence of certain resigning deputies, indirect attack on the bloc of the Kataëb Party which had announced its withdrawal from parliament following the explosion.

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