In front of the electoral center of Douma, North Lebanon. Photo credit:
In front of the electoral center of Douma, North Lebanon. Photo credit:

Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi signed the decree convening the electoral college for the legislative elections. Thus, Lebanese nationals abroad who have previously registered on the electoral rolls will be able to vote on May 6 and 8 and people residing in Lebanon on May 15, 2022, dates decided due to the deadlines set for organizing the poll.

Thus, if the parliament had voted in favor of a poll to be held in March 2022, the poll had to be technically postponed to May, at least 3 months being necessary to organize the electoral process.

While the mandate of the current parliament will end at the end of May and the previous polls took place during this month, the parliament had adopted a law requiring the organization of the poll on March 27. This decision, which was accompanied by the refusal of parliamentarians to create 6 constituencies in favor of Lebanese abroad, had been the subject of strong opposition from the part of the free patriotic current which had presented a appeal to the Constitutional Council noting a lack of quorum during the vote where only 55 deputies were present, an appeal finally rejected by the inability of this institution to rule despite 6 votes in favor and 4 against.

Abroad, out of 230,466 applications for inclusion registered on the electoral lists received via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 225,114 people will be able to vote in the legislative elections which will take place in 2022.

2,740 people will not be able to vote, “the number of voters registered in the polling station being less than 200. However, their names have been registered on the electoral rolls inside Lebanon” and will therefore be able to vote in the event travel to Lebanon.

681 people cannot vote for various reasons, for example being the subject of a conviction withdrawing their voting rights or having acquired Lebanese nationality less than 10 years ago.

1,178 people submitted multiple requests. Only one request was accepted and the others were rejected.

Finally, 753 people did not have Lebanese nationality.

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