A meeting took place in the presence of the outgoing Minister of the Interior and Municipalities, Brigadier General Mohamed Fahmi, to monitor the application of the various measures aimed at combating drug trafficking, particularly to Saudi Arabia.

This information comes the day after the Saudi decision to ban the importation of any type of food product from Lebanon due to the presence in certain shipments of large quantities of drugs.

The Minister spoke at the end of this meeting, reiterating his desire to put an end to this trafficking. “The Lebanese state is against the destabilization of its relations with brotherly and friendly countries, in particular the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Lebanon cannot forget the innumerable aid it has been providing for many years,” he said. – announcing the implementation within 3 to 3 weeks of new operational measures concerning exports.

Thus, the installation of scanners at the Lebanese borders would be planned. These could be operated by private companies, some sources note. f

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