Surprise tonight, with the presence of trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf, for the 9th edition of the Paris concert on the occasion of the National Day of July 14, a concert placed this year under the sign of Freedom, a freedom that is also ours Dear.

Like every year, even last year despite the circumstances, the Orchester National de France, the Maîtrise and the Choir of Radio France offer a large symphonic concert with Stephane Bern as master of ceremony. Were present, gathered on a stage set up on the occasion but illuminating the Champs de Mars in itself, the South African soprano Pretty Yende, the mezzo Clémentine Margarine or the tenor Piotr Beczała, accompanied by the violinist Renaud Capuçon and his brother, cellist Gautier Capuçon and therefore Ibrahim Maalouf, our star who shines beyond our borders but who has not forgotten his country.

First entry by Ibrahim Maalouf to an air of “Hymn to freedom” then the apotheosis and the consecration of the final accompanied for an exceptional and unpublished Marseillaise also inaugurating the fireworks, accompanied by thirty child trumpeters from the Orchestra association at school from all over France.

A Marseillaise with the Berlioz Orchestration started gently to underline the beauty of the symphony, as desired by the Lebanese-French star Ibrahim Maalouf.

The choirs sing the words, always accompanied by the sweetness of his trumpet.

Then louder, the musical explosion, the trumpet also raises the sound of a melody which carries us away, which transports us.

Entrance of soloists, tenors and mezzo who previously enchanted us.

A fantastic Marseillaise thanks to Ibrahim Maalouf, concluded Stéphane Bern to the applause of the audience.

Ibrahim Maalouf on July 14, it is a bit of Lebanon’s thanks to France for its efforts in the face of the situation that this country is currently going through.

And thank you also Ibrahim Maalouf for shining the light of the cedar in France.

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